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To allow beginners to fully enjoy an outing on horseback, we’ll organize lessons in an outdoor arena or on a VTP (Varied Terrain Path) to give you the chance to get to know the horse as quickly as possible and learn new horseback riding skills, so you’ll have the most fun and ride safely.

To make sure riding outings are as enjoyable as possible, we tend to prefer small groups of riders with similar abilities.

To ensure the best possible experience, we recommend booking ahead.
Contact Michel at 06 80 25 68 58

Property compliant with the charter for equestrian tourism of the Camargue Natural Regional Park.

3 hour Ride
For riders of any level, take off on a discovery of Etang des Impériaux and the beach toward the Vallée des Lys
€60 / person

3 hour Ride
For skilled riders, go from the beach toward Pont de Rousty and return along the banks of the Etang des Impériaux.
€60 / person

4 hour Ride
For skilled riders, discover the Etang des Impériaux and return along the beach for a ride into the sunset.
€80 / person

5 hour Rides:
Camargue Discovery
€100 / person

Day Rides with lunch
Suitable for all horseback riders, discover a variety of Camargue’s hidden gems
€120 / person

Multiple Day Rides :
Aigues-Mortes, Le Vacccarès, Les Alpilles…