Wellness area

In a green setting, enjoy a spa, a Finnish sauna and a gym.

After a day of activities and discoveries, you will enjoy a moment of relaxation and relaxation in our wellness area.

Those who still have energy will be able to work out in the gym. Equipped with a bike, an elliptical bike, a vibrating platform and many accessories (rugs, balls,...) for your stretching or yoga sessions, fitness...

Bike, elliptical bike, vibrating platform and many accessories (carpets, balls,...)

The Finnish sauna

Finnish Wellness Temple

The sauna is a heat bath technique that Scandinavian countries have known and practiced regularly for more than 2000 years. Moreover "sauna" is a Finnish word meaning "sweat". This method of relaxation by sweating is now very much appreciated.

The sauna is a small wooden cabin or a room in which one takes a bath of dry heat, which can reach from 70°C to 100°C.
The practice of the sauna evacuates the stress, the physical tensions and restores the tone.

  • lie down in the sauna for about fifteen minutes
    • relax
    • the breathing is deeper: the heart rate accelerates just like the blood stream, blood vessels dilate
    • Do not breathe through the nose (risk of burning mucous membranes), but with your mouth
  • pour from time to time a ladle of water on the hot stones
When you feel the sweat beading, it's time to get out of the sauna
  • Take a cool shower if possible or immerse yourself in the pool: thermal shock causes a phenomenon of vasoconstriction (blood vessels and pores tighten)
  • Dry up!
  • Rest for a few minutes (lying or sitting) before returning to the sauna
    • this enables the heart rate to return to normal
    • perspiration flows at that time and eliminates toxins
    • it is advisable to wrap yourself in a towel or warm bathrobe
  • Return to the cabin and repeat all this ritual twice.
The 2nd and 3rd passages in the cabin can go up to 20 minutes if you can bear it

The benefits of heat

  • Clean and purify the skin under the effect of sweating
  • Eliminate toxins and relax muscles
  • Firm the skin and restore its elasticity
  • Stimulate blood circulation and improve the immune system
  • Clear the airways (beneficial against colds, coughs ...).
There are contraindications to the use of the sauna:: cardiac disorders, vascular diseases (hypertension ...) or respiratory (asthma ...), renal insufficiency, epilepsy, spasmophilia ... In general, the sauna is forbidden for children under 16 and pregnant women.
Rates of Wellness area: see the "Offers and Rates"

the SPA : Jacuzzi

A real journey of well-being

The benefits of the spa

Our Jacuzzi® spa is designed to offer you a real wellness journey, alternating massages of variable intensities and relaxing breaks..
You will easily enter the Jacuzzi® to begin with a gentle massage that will increase in intensity as you move from one place to another. Finally you will completely relax in the reclining place. .

The benefits of Jacuzzi® whirlpool: :

  • A completed hydromassage session enhances the feeling of overall well-being and frees your mind so that you are perfectly in tune with the world around you.
  • The combined effects of water heat, weightlessness and the action of massage are the 3 ingredients of good hydrotherapy.
  • The jets located at strategic points are oriented towards the most important muscles and can vary in pressure and geometry to obtain several types of massages.

Relax with an intimate Jacuzzi® hydromassage experience. Let the troubles of a day fly away with the gentle massage of the jets. Give up the stress of modern life, invigorate your body and comfort your mind.
Taking care of yourself : is just the first benefit of regular hydromassage sessions. These are privileged moments where you are serene, calm, moments of relaxation where you can enjoy your surroundings.

Immerse yourself in our Jacuzzi® spa is a personal attention to your body that gives you the feeling of experiencing something unique.
Massage alone reduces stress, calms anxiety, improves sleep quality and concentration. . Hydrotherapy uses the natural properties of water, its temperature and its pressure to stimulate the body and produce beneficial effects such as improving blood circulation, relaxing muscles and eliminating toxins.

You can be sure that you help your body recover from the day. A hydromassage also allows:

  • to ease the pain
  • To improve the blood circulation and thus to better feed the internal organs
  • Boost your immune system
  • To make stress disappear
  • To improve the skin's complexion
  • To sleep deeply
There are contraindications to the use of the SPA: cardiac disorders, vascular diseases (hypertension ...) or respiratory (asthma ...), renal insufficiency, epilepsy, spasmophilia ... In a general way, the SPA is forbidden for children under 16 and pregnant women.
Rates of Wellness area: see the "Offers and Rates"
Mas La Grenouillère

The equestrian center

Camargue on horseback

Accompanied by qualified and passionate professionals, discover the Camargue regional park on horseback.

Horse-riding promenades
Espace bien-être La Grenouillère

The swimming-pool

Lazing by the water

In order to get some rest and perfect your tan, enjoy the pool and deckchairs.

The swimming-pool
Mas La Grenouillère


The electric shuttle

For a day at the beach, shopping in the village, a walk on the harbor, the Provençal market on Mondays and Fridays... leave your car at the Mas, our electric shuttle drops you in the village.

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